Role in the project: The CNR-ITAE will participate to INNENERMAT project through its research institute specialised in energy research (CNR-ITAE). The CNR will support UNICAL (under subcontract) on the synthesis of mesoporous carbon materials via silica templates, which will used in the development of carbon-sulphur materials for lithium sulfur batteries and supercapacitors. CNR-ITAE will also be involved in the experimentation of carbon-based textile electrodes in full cell configuration of supercapacitors and will be interfaced with the partners with all electrochemical characterisations of the studied SC devices. Besides, will be involved in the fabrication and testing, in collaboration with ASTREA, of a proof-of-concept of supercapacitor device.

Relevant expertise: The team of CNR-ITAE (2 senior researchers, 1 post-doc and 1 technician) involved in this project, has a long experience (more than 20 years) in the development of solid-state and flexible supercapacitors, being the first that demonstrated the feasibility and high performance of an all-solid EDLC, using a Nafion ionomer electrolyte (and also as the separator) and carbon-based electrodes (P. Staiti, M. Minutoli and F. Lufrano, Electrochim. Acta, 47 (2002) 2795). The CNR-ITAE group has recently designed and fabricated solid-state flexible SCs based on cotton textile electrodes and polymer electrolyte membrane with very long-term durability and low self-discharge rate (A.J. Paleo, P. Staiti, F. Lufrano et al., Energy Storage Materials, 12 (2018) 204).

Added value: The team has long experience and multidisciplinary skills related the synthesis and development of carbon materials, metal oxides, textile-based electrodes and prototypes of energy storage devices.

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