Role in the project: Coordination of the project and design, production and characterization of micro-meso-macroporous carbons with controlled structure and porosity and high conductivity.

Relevant expertise: The research group MCAT at CSIC-INCAR has been working the last 10 years in designing the structure and porosity of carbon polymers, i.e. carbon gels, in order to produce them with the specifications for a determined application, specially for their use in electrochemical devices. The high control of the synthesis process of these synthetic materials makes it possible to design materials with very well defined purity, chemistry, porosity and structure. Moreover, it is possible to introduce other additives in the structure during the synthesis, in order to potentiate certain properties (i.e. conductivity, surface functionalities, etc.), obtaining materials structurally and chemically controlled and designed as required.

Added value: The synthesis process is cost-effective and easily scalable, as can be proven by the SME Xerolutions Ltd., a spin-off from the research group. Therefore, materials can be supply with the require characteristics and in the necessary amount for testing among the consortium. 

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