Role in the project: ASTREA will be involved to the system development, prototyping, integration, testing and characterization of all the electronics realized on textile in order to obtain an high energy efficiency system to power up different subsystems.

Relevant expertise: The ASTREA research centre is a consortium of different companies and its mission is the technology transfer, which is the virtuous approach used to bring on the market the results of the research and very innovative products. The company is very skilled in the designing of high efficiency energy harvesting systems based on solar energy that can be used to power up different subsystems and/or to recharge batteries. Designing and realization of the electronics used in the test vehicles, functional testing, benchmarking and electrical and functional characterization.

Added value: The ASTREA consortium will use the selling network of its companies (like BioAge) to sell the products that will be developed in the research project, and also the distributors of these companies.

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